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Medical Equipment

The Elvetiko Diagnostic Center
selects and places in his laboratories
state-of-the-art medical equipment of the new generation,
so as to achieve the security and validity of the results.

  • The latest generation Siemens CT scanner with controlled low radiation.

  • New generation MRI scanners covering the entire range of applications with absolute imaging.

  • Controlled low radiation mammography with electronic transfer of three-dimensional image for study and detailed diagnosis.

  • Digital radiological machine with controlled low radiation.

  • Bone Density Measurement with the well known DEXA method.

  • Ultrasounds with high definition and reliability.

  • Modern Panoramic 3D for reliable dental imaging.

  • Thyroid and breast biopsies, take a sample and send to the chemist.

Integrated Diagnostic Services
for the Health of all our patients.
Sense of confidence and security of the examinee

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