Senographe DMR


Machine features


    Manufacturer Specifications:
    Senographe DMR, GE Healthcare


    Equipment mammogram type machine:
    MODEL Senographer DMR GE


    X-ray release options,
    Control console, Hand switch


    Focal points Small 0.1 mm


    Focal points Large 0.3 mm


    Dimensions(HXWXD) CM:
    (IN) (SCREEN) 171x 55 x 122 (67,2x 21,6 x 48)
    WEIGHT, kg (lb) (DISPLAY) 280 (617), column


At Elvetiko Diagnostic Center we have the classic upgraded mammogram MAMMOGRAPHY -GE senographe DMR.

Mammography is an important preventive examination for breast cancer, which allows the imaging of the morphology and structure of the anatomical elements of the breast. It is an advanced machine with the possibility of free choice of radiological elements by the user, which aims to limit the radiation fields to reduce radiation and better image quality depending on the size of the breast.

It is a reliable machine for the early detection of calcifications, control of lesions in the breast, cysts, sagging nipple but also quite important for the expansion of any damage that exists in the breast. The appropriate period for the examination is from the 7th to the 15th day of the woman's cycle. During the mammogram, a light pressure is applied to the breast where you place it in a special machine in two positions (oblique and face) for about 5 seconds. The pressure is necessary for the reduction of the radiation but also for the correct evaluation of the mammary gland. The image of the breast is printed on special films and given immediately.

No special preparation is needed for the examination, it is necessary for women to make an appointment on the right days of the cycle and if they have to bring previous mammograms for comparison. For the correct completion of the screening for breast cancer, the mammogram should be done on the same day as the ultrasound.

Examinations performed


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    204 2 Strovolos, Nicosia

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  • Digital Image Processing

  • Low Dose of Radiation

  • Detected Downloads

  • Less Painful Examination

  • Immediate Delivery of Results

  • Quick Exam (5 minutes)

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