Dexa | Osteoporosis Test



DMS Stratos Compact

Machine features


    60 seconds per site


    4 minutes for the whole body


    FRAX tool for the patient
    fracture risk assessment


    Morphometric tools that help
    to assess fracture risk
    using morphological parameters
    such as angle and distance



In our center we have a brand new DEXA SCAN DMS STRATOS COMPACT machine (2020 model).

Osteopenia is the initial stage before osteoporosis which is a bone condition caused by calcium deficiency and results in the bones being thinner and more fragile. In addition, to measuring bone density, Stratos is a flexible device with a wide range of applications such as fracture risk assessment, predisposition monitoring, and weight management.

The examination is done in a minimum of time as the patient is lying on the test bed. It is a reliable method of low radiation. The measurement is done in the lumbar spine but also in the neck of the femoral bones.

If the patient has had α spinal fusion or has an orthopedic material in the femur, the bone cannot be properly measured. In such a case the measurement is done where there is no metal.

Examinations performed


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    204 2 Strovolos, Nicosia

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Additional Ιnformation

Bone density measurement should be done:

  • In women after menopause, younger than 65 years old.

  • To all women aged 65 and over regardless of risk factors.

  • To women and men who are taking or are expected to take cortisone for a long time.

  • People who have been fractured over the age of 50.

  • In women and men with radiological vertebrae deformation.

  • To women and men who have been fractured after a slight injury

  • In women and men who treat osteoporosis.

  • In women who have severe back pain in the back or lower on the hips.

  • At the age of over 50.

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